Your Wellness Journey Dimensions

This is the first part of a five-part series discussing the Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness and Peace

What is Wellness?

Before we define a Wellness Journey, we must agree on the definition of wellness itself.

Wellness – a well-rounded healthy lifestyle that’s habitual.

A journey to wellness can start at any moment in time. Wellness is about improving the quality of your life.

Why Wellness Is Important in Our Daily Lives

We have already identified wellness as an essential state of well-being. If there is some aspect of our daily life that is in discord, that dysfunction can affect many areas – our emotions, mental health, nutrition, environment, and our physical health. Suppose you carry a large degree of stress with you about a particular thing. This stress can affect your breathing, or it could lead to headaches, migraines or ulcers. In an extended state of stress, you may begin to get depressed, start drinking alcohol more or eating more. Developing a strong dependence on alcohol could lead to alcoholism which may affect your job or judgments related to what’s right and wrong. Overeating could lead you to become obese and be susceptible to a host of illnesses such as strokes, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.

Wellness Dimensions

Wellness dimensions are identified as key areas in your life that affect your well-being. Before we begin to outline steps to take to improve our lifestyle, we need to be able to properly structure those steps into some sort of framework. Wellness dimensions are the building blocks of that framework.

Wellness dimensions are the sum total of the different aspects of your life. The goal of the Wellness Journey is to bring about change and growth in each of these aspects to lead you to a fuller, more enriching life experience. The journey is your blueprint to realize your goals and reach your full potential.

It is important to keep the various aspects of our daily life in healthy balance so these components will help us thrive and be better prepared to effectively cope with life’s challenges. Balanced components will better equip us to strive to make our wishes a reality.

In our next article, we’ll explore what each of these dimensions represents as well as begin to add to our list of what we would like to improve in each area.